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Juren Culture
Juren Culture

  • Our Mission

Juren Capital focuses on providing value-adding services for small and medium-sized enterprises seeking rapid development in their process of transformation and upgrading, by leveraging their own in-depth research and comprehensive judgment on the opportunities in the contemporary Chinese capital market. Centered on M&A services, it strives to boost effective combination of the financial capital and industrial capital, and thus to promote industrial consolidations, structure upgrading, market recreation and sustainable market value growth.

  • Our Positioning

Juren Capital strives to be the “value-added service provider for SMEs”. Its main business is M&A, equity investment and consulting services, with a special focus on participating, accelerating and facilitating M&A of listed companies. Through prudent investment principles and an integrated investment process, the company makes value investments with manageable investment risks. Juren Capital is dedicated to providing a platform for SMEs to assimilate into the capital market, for the investors to realize high investment return and for its team members to fulfill their professional ambitions.

  • Our Vision

Juren Capital strives to build an outstanding team with vitality, cohesion, harmony, efficiency and responsibility, to cultivate a group of investment experts, and to become a respected and well-reputed company with the fulfillment of every employee’s personal values in 5 to 10 years. Juren Capital is expected become a leading capital management company and achieve mutual benefits with its clients.

  • Our Beliefs

The core value of the company is “Doing Business with Nine Considerations1 and Perfect Virtues2” which is originated from Analects of Confucius by the most famous ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius. The founder of the company believes that great men are made after nine considerations, and great things are done with perfect virtues. One is successful only when he can make others successful, and one is established only when he can establish others. Thus, Juren Capital seeks to become life-long strategic partners with its clients through making co-investment and sharing the risks and benefits in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

1 Confucius said, "The superior man has nine considerations. In regard to the use of his eyes, he is anxious to see clearly. In regard to the use of his ears, he is anxious to hear distinctly. In regard to his countenance, he is anxious that it should be benign. In regard to his demeanor, he is anxious that it should be respectful. In regard to his speech, he is anxious that it should be sincere. In regard to his doing of business, he is anxious that it should be reverently careful. In regard to what he doubts about, he is anxious to question others. When he is angry, he thinks of the difficulties (his anger may involve him in). When he sees gain to be got, he thinks of righteousness."

2 Confucius said, "Let the will be set on the path of duty. Let every attainment in what is good be firmly grasped. Let perfect virtue be accorded with. Let relaxation and enjoyment be found in the polite arts."

——The Analects of Confucius

  • Our Principal

Juren Capital insists on the investment principal of “better to miss one thousand opportunities than to make a single mistake” and keeps providing professional and prudent suggestions and decisions for the investors. Juren capital endeavors to win the trust of customers by being accountable, reliable and responsible.

Pre-investment evaluation: Juren insists on prudent pre-investment evaluation, including the introduction of third party consulting, to achieve thorough assessment of finance, policy, laws and industry related issues.

Agreement control: to make well-diversified investment portfolios in order to lower the risks of not reaching expected investment return or not completing the planned listing process.

Process monitory: to propose and implement detailed risk-control methods based on the latest information and new trend of law, policy and market situation. By strict process supervision, periodic project risk assessment, potential management problems that will harm the benefit of shareholders will be examined and solved. Juren Capital thus can strengthen the competitiveness of the company by providing value-adding services.

Other methods: to strengthen the information disclosure to ordinary partners. A professional bank will supervise the use of capital as the capital manager. Separate accounts will be used to manage different capital to guarantee risk isolation.

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