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Holley Group Co., Ltd.
Top 500 Competitive Group Company of China; Top 500 Private Enterprises of China; controls three listed companies and holds shares of one listed company.
Huzhou Xingyu Metal Goods Co., Ltd.
Subsidiary of Yongxing Special Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., the Chinese high-tech and innovative enterprise, Top 500 Private Enterprises of China and Top 50 high-tech and innovative enterprise of Zhejiang Province.
Sanhua Holding Group Co., Ltd.
Excellent Company of China, Key Hi-Tech Enterprise of China, and Top 500 Companies in Mechanical Industry of China etc.;shareholders of Zhejiang Sanhua Co., Ltd.
Tonglian Capital Management Co., Ltd.
Top 100 companies in Forbes China; capital management flagship of Wanxiang Group – the most competitive company in the automobile part industry in China.
Wolong Holding Group Co., Ltd.
Comprehensive transnational group with main business in electric manufacturing, real estate and financial investment; owns 4 listed enterprises; entitled as the Key National High-tech Enterprise and Chinese Well-known Trademarks, etc.
Xinhu Holdings Limited
its major shareholder, Zhejiang Xinhu Group Co., Ltd., is a large group with finance, real estate, mining and processing as core business, holding three listed companies
Zhejiang Hengyi Group Co., Ltd.
The largest textile raw materials supplier in China; Top 500 Chinese Enterprises and Top 100 Zhejiang Enterprises
Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd.
Listed in the Shanghai Stock Market in 1999; leading high-tech and innovative enterprise of China; equipped with a nation-level technical center; owns 86 patents
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